A few different ways to style this cold shoulder dress

I saw this cold shoulder dress and loved it for many reasons. First, the shoulder strap is thick enough for you to wear a normal bra! YAAAAS!!!! Second, anything eyelet makes me happy, and third – it is more of an eggshell color, not bright white. Which means it can be worn into the fall with booties and a leather bomber. Greatest news ever!!!!  Here are a few different ways to wear it: 
  • Wear as intended: with the cold shoulder part properly placed. As pictured above.
  • With a jacket: I loved this dress with my camouflage bomber. I always like the juxstoposition of sweet mixed with military. Also would look great if paired with a denim jacket, or leather jacket. As pictured 
  • As a tank dress: If you get tired of the off the cold shoulder look, you can wear it like a tank dress, and the off the shoulder sleeves look like longer ruffles under the arms. 
  • Belt it at the smallest part of your waist: I belted this dress at the top of my almost non-existing bump (at the time).
This dress runs true to size and is not maternity! Aren’t these sandals I am wearing adorable? I love that they are a feminine looking gladiator and they have a 1″ wedge platform.  This belt can be worn wrapped around twice or tied as I have it here – it is a great deal and I wear mine ALL THE TIME. My bomber is so cute and has small embroidered butterflies and flowers on the top right shoulder. I also wore it here the other day. Okay, this Taj Clutch by Stella & Dot is the cutest thing I have bought this spring. It is sold out through July but you can buy it now and they will ship it once it becomes available again. It screams vacation and goes with so much! The lipstick I am wearing is amazing, stays forever and looks great with a tan!
Happy Weekend lovelies!   Nicole  

Friday Favorites – the best self tanner, for reals.

Hi All! This Friday Favorites features the best self tanner which is my absolute favorite way to self tan, tan towels. It feels weird to write this for others to read but I have no problem sharing this with friends in conversations, so let’s just assume we are all friends right now. Here goes; I like myself better when I am tan. As cheesy and vain sounds, it’s the truth! I prefer my sun kissed freckled skin to my pasty white winter skin. D.C has had some unusually frigid weather for the past two weeks and I thought I would share how I remain tan-ish during these cold times. I use Tan Towels as my preferred self tanner. They are so easy to use and the color comes out amazing and perfectly sun-kissed. I use them: before a shoot for the blog, when I am going on vacation (especially one that requires a swimsuit), or if I feel I need more color in general. When tan: My lipstick looks brighter. My clothes pop more. My hair looks lighter….ya know, all the things are right when I am tan.   How to use the best self tanner with no streaks (helps to have assistance for your back)
  1. Start with clean and dry skin.
  2. Unwrap the towel and apply it in circular motions on each part of your body, I start with my legs (see tip #3)– then arms, then front upper body, then back and what is left I use on my face. (It helps to stay a bit focused when doing this so you don’t have areas on your body that you missed which leads to streaks)
  3. Rub lightly over knees, elbows, and ankles as these areas seem to hold color really well and end up looking darker than the rest of your body.
  4. Run to the bathroom and scrub the inside of your hands…literally scrub to get the color off so you do not have oomph loompa hands.
It usually takes a couple of hours for the color to show up and it is best if you do not put on tight clothing, like jeans or yoga wear immediately after. Let the towels work their magic on your skin without rubbing off before the color has set. If you want your color to remain on you for longer than a few days, take short, cool showers and pat dry – apply moisturizer as usual!
Seriously these towels are so seamless and easy to use when it comes to self tanner! And they last! Im including both kinds I keep stocked. The full body applications and the half body applications. Because sometimes I just need darker legs, or sometimes I need my entire body tan. It all depends on my mood/outfit I am wearing! Thanks for reading lovelies! Nicole  

Blue day dresses are taking over my closet!

I have a serious love for blue day dresses. This term was coined by an employee of mine when I still owned my boutique in Atlanta and one blue dress after another would trickle into our inventory, she started to joke about the pattern she was seeing. The thing is, blue is a neutral enough color for most skin tones and a great cool color to wear during the warm months and blue sells Ya’ll! So does comfort, which is my idea of a “day dress” So now, when I am out shopping for my present changing body, this ongoing obsession of ‘the blue day dress is ever clear in my mind.    Not only are dresses a favorite of mine in the warmer months, they are also a favorite of mine when I am pregnant. If you have been pregnant before, you know your body temperature is about 20 degrees warmer than it normally is (fact; we have increased blood volume During pregnancy, the amount of blood in your body increases by as much as 50 percent. To better handle all that extra blood, your blood vessels dilate slightly, allowing the blood to come of the surface, which can make you feel hot. Thank you Wikipedia!) So, this is why dresses are my fave during pregnancy! The material of this dress is THE softest, its very breathable, and ITS ON SALE!!! As my girls are rapidly increasing in size, I realized I can unbutton the top botton of this dress and fold it down, to provide a bit more breathing room (literally). I bought a small in this dress and this would be the normal size I buy when non-preggers. I know I have spoken to you about these sandals, and you will be seeing them on repeat but they are my second pair and seriously so so comfy. And how adorable is this hat is by ILYMIX and you can use the Code ‘Nicole20’ to save 20% off your entire purchase. I cannot wait to wear this hat to the beach this summer! *Shop this whole look on the right hand side of my blog under the “about me” section. Have a sunny day,   Nicole

My dancing dress

When I saw this dress, I imagined dancing in it. I love the color, the lace, and the accordion pleated body! I could imagine all the movement when I walked, twirled and even better-did a plié. A plus for me with this dress is, it fits my bump. I am wearing my normal size, which is an xs. And I am 5’7. This dress is also available in petite. I styled it with this camouflage Bomber  because I loved the juxtaposition of military meets feminine. Because lets be honest, this dress is girly in every sense of the word. I also plan to wear a white t-shirt and tennies with this dress. Best. News. Ever. Both of these items are on sale! The dress is $39.95! These earrings are so perfect for summer, I love the rainbow tassels! I own two different pair of these sandals. They have a 1″ cork wedge and are literally, my most comfortable sandal! AND THE CLUTCH! IT is SO good! Sold out now, but will be restocked in July, you can pre-order it now! Additionally, you can shop my whole look in the side bar of my feed. Am I alone in that articles of clothing “speak” to me? What has recently spoken to you? Thanks for reading lovelies,   Nicole    

Bull Run Winery + my own bottle of Rosé

If you are like me, and you like to enjoy a social drink or two, and you have been pregnant before – you know that during this time, social drinking is not permitted, socially acceptable, and/or encouraged. Being that this is my 3rd and final pregnancy, I have come to terms with the world not stopping while I am pregnant. But I would be lying if I did not say the LACK of happy hours, wine tastings, and cinco de mayo parties on my calendar is very saddening. So when I was recently invited to a bloggers event hosted by Bull Run Winery with a bunch of super fun girls I have recently connected with on Instagram, I was ALL about it! If you are from the D.C. Maryland or Virginia area, you know that Virginia has many MANY awesome wineries. Bull Run Winery is currently at the TOP of my favorites for a few reasons: it is the closest winery to me, the wines are delicious, and the grounds are breathtaking. I had only been to a winery once before having kids. But I can really appreciate the one’s, like Bull Run Winery, who have family sections now that I am a parent. We go to winereries with a few friends, who also bring their children, and we enjoy the day together. For my girls I bring snacks, coloring books, markers, our iPad and a blanket. My girls run around, with each other and their friends and have a blast– all while we can adult with our friends. Bull Run’s grounds are absolutely breathtaking. And if you are lucky enough to go when the weather is just perfect, as it was for me a few weeks back, it is the perfect reason to enjoy the beauty of nature whilst sipping a glass or few bottles.  Honestly, if I could marry my husband again, I would get married at Bull Run Winery! However, I am HAPPILY married, so in my current state, I think it would be a great place for a Couples Baby Shower! Everyone likes wine, right?! I am so sure everyone would RSVP yes at our couples shower! My girls and I – check them all out here-Kristen at Swann Street Style, Courtney at Currently Courtney, Katie at Pushing Paper, Laura at Mom in Manolos, and Christina at Scopes were lucky enough to try the newest bottle of Rosé that they are launching today, Friday, April 28th! It was seriously so delicious. They have a tasting this Friday, from 7-9. YOU NEED TO GO (if not tonight, this weekend FOR SURE)! Please don’t worry about me, I had 3 sips of the delicious Rosé but bought a bottle to include in my hospital bag that I will promptly open and enjoy once I have baby 3! Until then, do you need me to be your DD…. Nicole  

Why I love printed wide leg pants!

Printed wide leg pants are a different take on a casual pant or a maxi skirt and I love the 70’s vibe they give off.   Similar pants to mine that I also own / Shirt / Bracelet Sunnies / Mules Confession:these pants are from last year. Please PLEASE forgive that part of this post. But I must say, they fit me! Right now, that is a major dilemma I am having with my closet! Don’t stress though; I have included in the ‘shop this look’ section a pair that I just bought from Bloomies for $68! And a few others I really love. Last year, when I was not pregnant, I wore these wide legged pants with a cropped black tee and it was ADORABLE! Since cropped tops are not fitting my current state, I chose this pink/blush cold shoulder top – also found at Bloomingdales. Typically, printed wide legged pants have an elastic waist band! Super great for me right now, but also super comfy for whomever wears them. They also can be dressed up or dressed down. The number one reason I love wide legged pants is because they are SO flattering and leg lengthening! Always a plus in my mind! Im 5’7 but looking taller is always a good idea for me! Have you tried this trend yet? Shop my whole look on the side bar of the blog! Talk soon lovelies,   Nicole    

Three different ways to style a plain white shirt dress.

I had a BIG vision for this little white shirt dress. Usually, when I am shopping for myself, I always look for pieces that can be worn multiple ways. This is a piece that I could wear 15 days in a row, 15 different ways and no one would know I was wearing the same dress! I am usually drawn to styles that are classic with an edge, and this dress with its notch sides and the hi-lo hem pulled me in! Denim Vest – For now, I had this cropped denim vest, which I think looks adorable over this white shirt dress and it hits me at just the right part of my waist. Since my waist is slowly disappearing at the moment, (Hello 2nd trimester) Any thing that nips me in right now, gets a Gimme Gimme!! And these floral mules you will see me wear 1 million times before the end of the season, so sorry! I love them that much! And these earrings and necklace are everything! much!     Imagine this dress over jeans, and belted as well. Those are two big looks that I should have incorporated but baby brain (ya’ll it is SO real) Spring Cardi – I am a sucker for a good cardigan! This one is navy and white marled and made of cotton! I love the lace up detailing on the sides as well. The best part about this cardi is, it is on sale at Bloomies right now! Seriously, you need it for cool spring nights! I paired my black mules because I wear black with navy ya’ll – and it doesn’t bother me! I am not a matchy person. This watch is worn nearly everyday, and was my push present for my first baby. ITs such a classic and well worth the investment!   Sweatshirt – My last look is with this oversized sweatshirt dress (runs big so size down) that I randomly picked up one day in DC because I was freezing! This outfit is perfect combo of athleisure meets classic and I love an unexpected combo! These new balances are my fave! Truth be told, I have had them in my closet for almost 5 years now! Phew – the CPW (cost per wear) of those babies is about $.15! WHAT. A. STEAL! Imagine this dress over jeans, and belted as well!?!? See what I mean? So many possibilities with a white shirt dress! Shop all these looks on the top right sidebar of my blog.  Hope you are having a happy, warm, sun-filled day, Nicole    

The utilitarian look and reasons why you must embrace it too!

I love all looks that have a utilitarian vibe. Usually this style includes anything that has a military uniform or menswear vibe. Cargo pants, trench coats, utility jackets, jumpsuits, bomber jackets and military shirts all fall under this category. Below is further reason why I love this look and you should embrace it too!
  • The looks are usually minimal and very easy to wear. A little oversized but in the best way possible.
  • There are usually fun details like pockets, zippers, and/or belts.
  • The looks are either khaki or military green, which Pantone one named the color of the year, so I’d say, this color is here to stay.
  • This look is more basic but its fun to dress up with a pop in your accessories.
  • This style has been on the runways going on 4 years now. (i don’t know that its going anywhere)
  • The look is usually relaxed and comfortable.
This jumpsuit I am wearing is a couple of years old, but still super current – which is another reason why you should love this look! It is here to stay! I used my floral mules to punch up the look and I kept the rest of my accessories neutral. I have included a bunch of Military styled jumpsuits out now for you to peruse, I got you! Thanks for stopping by my friends, Nicole      

You had me at Bonjour (Cameron)

 I have been dreaming up this look since I first saw this cute tee by Sundry at Anthropologie. I have a real obsession when I find things I like. Anyways, I was waiting for the shirt to go on sale and I snatched it up as soon as it did! I fell in love with this tee because it reminded me of the first time I met my husband. I was 21, and had only ever traveled as far as The Bahamas. I had only ever lived within miles of the same town my whole life. My parents are not travellers, so I was smitten with Cameron immediately. He comes from a military family who had moved so many different locations over the course of his life. And while he had lived in all these far away places, like Singapore and London, he and his family had travelled all around the world. I wanted to see things and travel, so I had ALL THE HEART EYES for him immediately! He has taken me to paris, and I fell in love with everything. In addition to France, we have been so many other places and we have plans to continue travelling with our little family, just as he did with his own. My specific tee is sold out but I am linking up a few other tees that I love with French sayings by the same company. This striped skirt has an elastic waistband, which is my friend right now! I paired it with my black mules and of course, my leopard clutch because it goes with everything. Also, how adorable is my dog moose? He matched me, so naturally he had to be in my photos! (Shop my whole look on my side bar) Hope your week is going great! The weekend is so close and I am thrilled about that! Nicole  

Some super exciting news!

I have been holding in this secret for 7 weeks and I am about to burst!! EEEK! SO happy to share our announcement! Early this fall, we are turning our sweet family of 4 into a family of 5! Cameron and I have always said we wanted 3 children, but time kept on passing and we could not quite decide to take that jump on our own. Baby 3, as we will refer to her/him, was more of a surprise for us! Which I am so happy about because I can easily see us deciding our life is perfect as is, with an 8 and 3.5 year old, why should we rock the boat?   When I initially found out I was pregnant, I was a bit worried and for the most selfish reason. Dressing a growing bump is such a challenge for my fashion mind, plus giving my body up for the next 2 years is quite an exhausting thought. 9 months for pregnancy, and then breastfeeding. However, I must say, this is my last baby, and so I have since then, decided I am embracing this little one with every ounce of my being! And not to mention our sweet girls are over the moon excited to have a new baby to take care of.   To all you moms out there who have only 1 child, and cannot fathom the thought of loving another child as much as your first, or giving your self to your other children as you did with your first. I can tell you from experience, that your heart and love grow with each child you have. I was so worried when I made the jump from one child to two, but my heart could bust from love and excitement when I look at both of my little girls, and this is why, loving a third child makes me elated! I WANT my heart to grow! Shop our looks on the side bar of my blog as well! My outfit:  Top (I’m wearing the pink color) / Skirt (similar) / Similar  Necklace and shoes or here  Camerons Outfit: Pants / Shirt / Shoes Girls Outfit: Pink Top / Skirt / Shoes  and here / Scarf in hair Thanks so much for reading about our announcement….can you tell We are excited?   Nicole