Bombers: The new cardigan and why you need one now!!

Bomber Jackets – I LOVE ‘em! I could easily make a case for why I need all 6 pictured below in my closet. Long gone is the sweater knit cardigan you can throw in your bag for the office or a date. That is BORING! There are so many other amazing options that you can go with instead of the BORING Cardigan. View said cardigan here.   If you prefer the material of a cardigan, I trust you will be able to find a bomber jacket in the same material because designers are making them in satin, cotton, canvas – you name it! And how good would a bomber jacket look over that shift dress or slip dress…? SO GOOD and on Point!

Blush Solid Bomber vs. Blush Printed Bomber (Lower price Solid one here $34!)

Being the blush obsessed that I am. I would take either of these happily. The faint floral printed one on the left speaks to me a little more because of the black and white sporty bands. However, the solid blush bomber would take the place of a boring cardigan and would go with everything!

Printed Military Bomber Vs. Solid Military Green Satin Bomber 

The Printed bomber is for someone who has a jacket collection, who appreciates the distance in their closet anything Military green can go. The two embroidered patches add to charm. This look is good for someone who does not own a Military Green colored Jacket and who prefers a more classic type of jacket. This color goes with everything and never goes out of style. You can sweeten it up or classify your look depending on what you wear underneath. It has a fun ruching on the sleeves that makes the jacket stand out in the crowd. (Lower price Solid one here for $34)


Cactus Print Bomber vs. Blue Floral Bomber

Okay, I want both of these. They are perfect to me. Which would you choose? I need serious help here. I am leaning towards the cactus print because A) it is my favorite color B) it is super fun and C) I already have a floral bomber jacket pictured below.

Which one you think I should go with? Would LOVE to hear your favorite!

Happy Bomber Shopping!


Friday Favorites: Poplin

I first learned about poplin when I was 17, working at Express, which was my first retail job. It was then that I became smitten by poplin. It is making a BIG comeback this spring and that is why it is one of my friday favorites. I loved it then and I love it even more now!!!

My look: Dress / Shoes / Necklace (similar) / Purse 

Top Layer:  (left to right) Top  /  Skirt 

Bottom Layer:  (left to right) Strapless Button front dress / White OTS dress / Blue and white striped dress / Blue OTS top

If you are unfamiliar with what poplin is: it is a type of Cotton. Breathable. Typically it wrinkles easily. Usually it is in the form of a button up top or a collared shirt dress and looks more menswear than womanswear. But this year, poplin is taking a feminine turn with ruffles, off the shoulder pieces, open backs, pom pom hemlines and I am ALL about it!

I found this cute poplin dress at a local boutique in Alexandria, VA. I instantly fell in love with it. Unfortunately I cannot find this particular dress anywhere for you to shop it, however, there are about 1 million and 1 other poplin pieces I have also fallen in love with that I am linking for you all to see. Don’t worry, I got you! Shop all my fave poplin looks on the side bar of my page!!!

Happy Weekend Lovelies!









Me & my mini.

Does your mom ever tell you stories about how you were when you were little that make you cringe from embarrassment or horror? Apparently my favorite word was no. I bit, pinched, and hit all my friends. I had a temper and a jealous streak! EEK. My mom has so many stories about me that are cringe-worthy! Because of these stories, I always knew God’s sense of humor would come through in my children. He was waiting to give me a little one like myself, a mini-me. I put my mom through some crazy things as a little kid so should go through some crazy things too, right?!?! Right!

Meet my little Lilah. She is a firecracker, whipper snapper, tantrum throwing sweetie. I mean, she can turn from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. She is as stubborn as her mama….oops (sorry mom). She is the kid who makes me want to read parenting books to help me discipline her(which I always seem to start but never finish). When Lilah turns on the charm and the sweetness, she will win anyone over in .02 seconds. She loves cuddles like a newborn baby and we just adore her to pieces. Whenever she gives me trouble or we have a bad day, she always comes back to apologize to me. Never in the moment of a disagreement, which is usually about her wearing a coat, or me saying she cannot have another treat today. She will abruptly scream at me “How dare you?” and storm up to her bedroom, slam the door, and lock it. This girl keeps me on my toes for real but I am learning to cherish every moment we spend together because I know this time, where we are together everyday will be ending soon. She is turning 4 in June and will be going to pre-school in the fall. Since we have so much time together, I find myself loving to be spontaneous, having picnics outside or just stoping to notice the world around us together. These are the things I love to do with my little mini. She may be a challenge but I wouldn’t change a thing about her because she is my challenge and I just love her more and more every day.

Shop our look here or in the side bar!

My Tee / Jeans / Purse Tennies / Necklace

Lilahs Look: Dress Shoes

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An easy dress for the first day of Spring

Happy Spring! Im so excited it is officially here and if the weather would just cooperate, and give me warmth and sun, life would be good! I know I have told you all my love for Chambray runs deep, I love Chambray anything! This dress combines two of my favorite trends, chambray and off the shoulder. Win, win!

Shop my look here: OR on the right. Dress / Neckerchief / Shoes / Watch / Ring

This dress is such a cute, easy one to wear. I styled it for a daytime look here with a floral neckerchief I found at Old Navy for $8 and these adorable Aquazurra knock-offs I found by Matiko. They are a fraction of the price and they are my favorite color…blush! This dress is great for a daytime event, like a shower, barbeque, or a festival because it is light, easy to throw on, and super cute.

For a nighttime look: I plan to wear this dress with heels and super long dangly earrings when I go out with my husband because though it is blousy, the shoulders and legs are a big feature with this dress.

Hope your first day of Spring was warm and gave you good feels!!!!


Friday Favorites – Pink Gel Polish

Friday Favorites is a new series I will be starting. Every Friday I will blog about something I adore that I feel needs to be shared! This could be a beauty product, an accessory or a shoe! Whatever it is, I promise it will be worth a read!

For my first Friday Favorites, I want to talk about Perfect Formulas pink gel polish that I came across some months ago at Sephora. My nails were chipping and in really bad shape because I had recently said yes to a gel manicure at my local nail salon. In moments of weakness (literally) I say yes to gel manicures because I love the results for the first two weeks but then my nails are ruined for months after. Why do we do this to ourselves??!!??

I was so thankful when I stumbled across this polish. What I love is it looks really pretty and natural on, it has a light pink hue and high gloss finish, so it makes your nails look brighter and whiter. In addition to how it looks, it has all these other added benefits. It makes the whites of your nails whiter (for real) It dries as a hard polish so it really protects your nails from breaks and tears. It is protein rich and fills in ridges strengthening your nails and making them smoother. In the description on it says it provides a “suit of armor” which is all you need to remember! Im linking it on the side bar for you to shop. It is pricey for nail polish but so worth it if you need these benefits for your nails. Also, I use it in a pinch for photo shoots when I don’t have time to apply an actual color, it dries in seconds and looks pretty on. What more could you ask for!?

Thanks for reading Friday Favorites!



Elevated basics – lace ups, cutouts, and cross fronts

An elevated basic makes my heart soar…

An unexpected element added to a basic tee makes my heart soar. I love an elevated basic for so many reasons. The first being  the amount of basic crew necks and v-necks in my closet is out of control! Second, I have been wearing these basic styles for so long that I am tired of buying them! Third, a fresh take on a basic is like a remix to your favorite song, that is a good thing, right?  Don’t get me wrong, the basic v-neck, crew-neck, and scoop neck have their place in ones closet, like the momiform look I posted last week features a basic crew neck tee. But An elevated basic is fresh and new; a basic with a twist, and this is why my heart soars!

Have you noticed the cutouts, cross fronts and lace up necklines that are out right now? If not, check out a few of my favorites that you can shop from the sidebar of my blog!

Happy elevated basic shopping friends!!!


My fave Momiform Equation

I quickly learned when I first became a mom that I would need to start shopping differently than I was accustomed to. I learned silks were bad! Strapless tops were a no no. Low-rise jeans, not the best idea unless I wanted to show the world what color my underwear of the day was.This doesn’t mean I don’t buy date night clothes or dresses for special occasions but since the biggest part of my life is mommying around, these are my shopping requirements.

So I have come up with 3 important criteria for my momiform that I will share with you:

First, the item must be able to move with me, as in stretch as I go from standing to the floor in .02 seconds multiple times a day.

Second, the item must be washable, the prettiest things are dry clean only, lets be honest.

Third the items must be comfortable. I buy things based on how they feel. And stiff, itchy, or heavy is not my friend.


 TeeCardi / Jeans / Shoes / Necklace / Sunnies  

This outfit is one of my faves. This tee is made of something so amazing, when I first touched it I fell fast in love. It comes in a few other colors, which I plan to add to my collection! I love a slightly baggier bottom because I think they make you look smaller. SO I am a big fan of joggers, or a looser fit of denim. This cardi is so soft that I could live in it! And I can tie it around my waist or throw it in my bag if I don’t need it because it folds up real small. As for the shoes, you’ve seen these babies before, I just love them. If I’m not wearing a type of tennis shoe with my momiform, it’s a flip flop.

Whats your momiform style!?

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“THE SECRET” to Flattering WHITE DENIM + some other tips

Shopping for white jeans is like bathing suit shopping. It is hard work and some might avoid it altogether. We all know white jeans are not near as flattering as dark jeans unless you have stick legs (in which case, I envy you). Here I have compiled a few tips when shopping for white jeans that you will hopefully help to make the trip a bit easier for you.

Since owning a boutique, I have been working with denim representatives for 9 years now. They know EVERYTHING about selling premium denim. The designers themselves talk to these reps and the information trickles down, so, you can imagine all the reps know about fit, wash, looks, and feels of denim. These awesome reps have passed their knowledge to me and I am now sharing it with you!

We almost immediately think skinny when it comes to buying jeans now because our brains have been programmed this way for so long. But I am thinking we should change our views on white denim and try new and fresh fits this spring. With the change of the weather should come a change in fit for your white denim. Also including some skinny pairs I adore in here as well.

The Cropped Flair -A new trend which I am totally loving! They are flattering and a fresh take on a 1950’s style capri.

The Boyfriend Fit – whether they are distressed or clean in the front, this fit in white denim with a rolled hem is SO GOOD! I super love boyfriends with a heeled sandal. It gets me giddy just thinking about this look for spring.

Flare Leg – Another good and flattering fit for white denim is a flare leg. I have mentioned why flare legged denim is so good in a previous post of mine. My favorite pair of white jeans I own are flare (pictured at the top).

The skinny fit – These are a good fit, high rise, perfect weight, and feature a classic non-distressed look.

Skinny Distressed fit – these army favorite skinny pair, are a thick weight and suck me in!

Okay, after ALL that, here is THE SECRET to shopping for flattering white denim…it is the weight of the denim. The thicker the material, the more flattering. The thicker the denim, the more bumps and lines are hidden. The thicker the denim the more lift, squeeze, and pull the denim can do for you. Premium denim brands show the weight of their denim under the description.The weight is not found under the large stores that carry a bunch of brands descriptions but only found on the denim brands website. Look for the weight under the features category. Also, look for 9.5 Oz. denim and above to find the most flattering fit. This was more difficult to explain than I thought, so please ask me any questions you might have in the comments section!

Now go and share this secret with everyone of your girlfriends and shop for some white denim!

Thanks for reading lovelies!



The Seasonless Dress and why it is SO important for your wardrobe!

Whether I am dressing my clients or self, I always ask myself this question: Can this dress be worn through all seasons?

When building your wardrobe, key pieces, like the seasonless dress are a must. I love them because they never have to be switched out when changing your wardrobe over from spring to fall or vice versa. When you are investing in a seasonless dress, it makes sense to spend more money on an item when it is considered seasonless, just switch out your accessories. It is fun to think of creative ways to wear a seasonless dress, kinda like reinventing it each season.

Just so y’all know, I bought this Bella Dahl dress this past November. Here are some ways to style it through the seasons!

For styling it during the Winter: I wore it with maroon colored tights (any color would work if your daring but black would probably be easiest) and a black and white windowpane printed scarf. It also looks great with my OTK boots.

For my Spring Look: As you can see in the pictures here, I just layered on jewelry, threw on my new fave espadrille tennies and that’s it! Dress / Shoes / Purse / Earrings / Necklace / Sun Glasses (similar)

For styling it during the Summer: I plan to switch out the espadrille tennies for a sandal during the day, and a heel for night – and then I will throw on some brightly colored accessories.

For styling it during the Fall: I will wear it with booties or a fall colored suede wedge and a leather bomber or lightweight jacket.

Notice with all these looks I just changed out my shoes and accessories – So easy! This is why I am a believer in dresses like this! Do you look for seasonless dresses too? If not, I hope you will start now!

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Shopbop Spring Break Looks + sale!!

Since Spring break is around the corner and SPRING is in the air, I have picked a few of my most favorite pieces for you all from Shopbop (who is having a sale through March 4th!) Pretty much if it has tassels, pom poms or fringe, I NEED IT!




Shop looks here (or on the side bar on the right)

Necklace /  Dress /  Shoes / EarringsTowel / Bikini / PurseSunnies / Hat
Shopbop has always been my favorite place to find unique, stylish pieces when I don’t want to run to the mall. They carry SO many awesome brands, ship for free and their buyers are amazing so the selections is SO GOOD! It is MY ultimate favorite place to shop though their price points are kinda high, which is why when they have a sale, I always try to find something I like because a sale price is ALWAYS better than full price, right? I ALWAYS look forward to their sales! It is there Buy More Save More Sale.

  • 15% off sales of $200 +
  • 20% off orders of $500+
  • 25% off orders of $800+

Applicable on Sale and Full Priced Inventory. Use Code GOBIG17

What do you think of these picks?!?! I want them all…literally! And I need to be on an Island ASAP!

Thanks for reading lovelies!