My last post was too long ago but life you guys + summer with three kids kinda kicked my butt in the best way possible!  I am so happy to write this new post and share something fun with you all! This post is a more in-depth and personal look into a “closet edit” with my client & Mom Boss friend, Jennifer! Jennifer has two teens, is a working Mama in IT sales, a Small Business Owner, Volunteer and Fundraiser for the Homeless, Veterans, Women and Animals…plus she is awesomely fun to hang with and agreed to be a model for this post! Thank you so much Jennifer! 

Your Wardrobe should Be Functional!

Each piece should have a purpose in your closet, make you feel confident when you wear it, and be able to be worn different ways. I also believe wardrobe pieces should bring you happiness!  If you have pieces that you are attached to emotionally, you’re saving them for your kids, or saving a piece for the right date night moment, GO FOR IT! I know I have all of these things and they each literally “spark joy” which is why I have them but for the most part 90% of my wardrobe is functional! 

The first step I take with all my clients is to find out their goal in hiring me. Usually this is through email or a 15 minute phone call.  What goal do they have in hiring me & How I can help them make their daily dressing process easier are my two main questions when starting with a new client. Jennifer’s goal was to have me go through her working and weekend wardrobe to sort out what needed to be purged and to find creative, useful, and stylish ways to wear the pieces in her daily closet.

We pulled out everything in her wardrobe and laid it on her bed by sections.Check out the process here.  Normally I organize closets by sections (dresses, pants, tops, and jackets/suits) but Jennifer’s closet was already super organized. This organizational step makes getting dressed much quicker and easier in the morning because you know right were to go for the pieces you need! It also helps to organize your pieces by color! A few questions will help you decide which pieces to keep and which to giveaway – Do you like this? Have you worn it recently? How often do you wear it? I have found, when you think about each item and answer these questions, it is easier to see whether or not each piece has a purpose.

Jennifer had a lot of pieces that were very similar to each other. She knows the right silhouettes and colors that work on her body but was purchasing pieces with very little variation. Learning about what works for you is a difficult thing, especially after you have had kids and your body changes. She had a few pieces left unworn season after season which all went to the donate pile below. She also had a few pieces that had special memories, which we stored safely away because a piece shouldn’t take up closet space if not being used. As we purged pieces the donate pile started growing, we were both encouraged!  Personally, I find this step freeing! PRO TIP – if an item isn’t flattering, looks tired, stretched or worn out, let it go! Toss it in the giveaway pile! Believe me, when that pile starts to grow, you start to feel lighter…It’s TRUE! Check out the other types of Closet Services I provide here. 

This is the final photo of all she purged! 

Once we were done with bottoms, dresses, tops, and jackets (all hanging pieces) I started to play with the pieces she was having trouble wearing. By trouble, I mean, not wearing the items differently and only wearing them one way. PRO TIP — when you buy a new item for your wardrobe, you should be able to imagine atleast 3-4 different ways to wear that piece. For a functioning wardrobe, you must be able to mix and match pieces together for work and play so that you are wearing them multiple ways and they are being put to good use!

How to wear your work wear for weekend wear













Previously, this skirt was only for work, but it is such an effortless weekend piece too!

Similar skirts are here, here, & I want this one here.  

Simple changes such as changing accessories make this look completely different. I

always reccomend switching out belts to add an extra element of style to your look.

PS this dress is 40% off and so perfect for Fall! 

This glen plaid jumpsuit was intimidating at first but it quickly became my favorite piece in her closet. It is completely “on trend” and all it needed was a few add-ons. Such as this blue button up top  and it would also look great with a black mockneck turtleneck or a white button up top under it with a black blazer! The belt allowed the piece to show off her shape and give it more of a focal point and then we added simple pearl David Yurman earrings and patent leather pointed toe heels. 

I recently got rid of this dress by joie, one of my favorite french girl chic, quality over quantity lines! I love the cut, material, most of the fit except for the stomach area because it doesn’t hit me right and puts my mom tummy on display.  This was not a cheap dress my friends – but every time I wore it I felt self-conscious, even my husband told me at one point it wasn’t his favorite because it wasn’t flattering. So, I recently said goodbye and I felt so much better when I decided to get rid of it!

Are you in a “Closet Rut” or do you need help dressing your body? Are you clinging to pieces you don’t need or can no longer wear? Do you simply want to build a minimalist closet? If so – I would love to help! Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we can get started tailoring your specific needs! 


Thanks for Reading lovelies! 







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