My Passions

I am a momma, womens buyer, wardrobe stylist, and fashion enthusiast! I have literally been dressing women for half of my life!  If asked, I would say fashion was my destiny…. 

Growing up I was surrounded by so many fashionable and inspiring women, it was only natural for me to become the style-obsessed momma that I am today. During my early years, I just absolutely loved to shop. I would spend hours, studying seventeen and Teen magazines and then add my own spin to the styles I found within those sacred pages. As I look back on my 15 years of working in the fashion industry, I cant help but notice the lasting effect the stylish women of my family have had on me.

Leopard coats are the essence of fashion. If you Google Image them, pictures of Jackie O, Grace Kelly, and Cindy Crawford pop up; all wearing them. They are timeless, epitomize glamour, style, grace and they connect the women in my family and through history, have brought us together.

IT all began with my Great Grandmother, Bobonne, who owned her -001-2own dress shop in Belgium in the 1940’s. I came across this image  with the help of my Grandma recently. The woman in the leopard coat is my Great Aunt Simone, Bobonne’s Daughter.

The leopard coat that my Great Aunt Simone wore, years later still makes me feel connected to her. Me and my daughters have faux leopard coats that we like to wear when we dress up, though Im quite sure Aunt Simone’s was not faux!

This one item gives me so many feelings. But most importantly, it connects me to the women in my family.

This blog is the next step in my fashion journey, it will also include other beautiful things in life: family, good times, and friends.









Fashion and Mommyhood