I am a Momma, women’s buyer, and stylist! I’ve spent the last 15 years dressing women. (That’s half of my life!) But great style goes back generations in my family, so you could say a life in fashion was more than a choice. It was, destiny…

It all started with my Great Grandmother, Bobonne. She owned her own dress shop in Belgium in the 1940’s. She set the stage for generations of great style to follow.

Meet my Great Aunt Simone – Bobonne’s daughter – the women in the Leopard Coat. My Grandma helped me find this image, and four generations later, it’s still a source of inspiration as well as the namesake for my blog: The Leopard Coat.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” -Yves Saint Laurent

Since being introduced in the 1920’s, the Leopard Coat has remained the epitome of style. A quick Google search, and you’ll find that not only has the coat survived the test of time, but also the basic print. Style icons Jackie O and Grace Kelly wore their coats with glamour and grace, while Cindy Crawford and Jenna Lyons helped bring the print into a more playful, modern era. Regardless of the year, leopard remains timeless. It continues to march down runways as well as connect the women in my family.

Growing up surrounded by so many fashionable and inspiring women, an interest in fashion was part of my life from the beginning. As a young girl, I spent hours studying Seventeen and Teen Vogue. I loved shopping and adding my own spin to the styles I found within those sacred pages.

Fast forward from the hallways of high school, to the floor of my own boutique in Atlanta, to my life as a blogger and Momma in Washington, DC, one thing remains: my love for the fashion industry.

With over 15 years of experience, I’ve watched trends come and go. (And come back again…hello 90’s!) I love that my career combines my passion for clothing as well as nearly a century of great style hacks from the fashionable women in my family. It’s an absolute joy to share this knowledge with others as I help transform my client’s closets and confidence.

Eighty years of amazing women, three daughters of my own, and one Leopard Coat later it’s no surprise that I’m the style-obsessed Momma I am today. Carrying on the traditions and memories, this blog is the next step in my fashion journey. I invite you to follow along as I raise a family, make memories, and—of course—document great style!