I choose mascara. If on a desert island where I could only bring one thing with me; I choose mascara. IT wouldn’t help me much in way of survival but I have blonde lashes and my eyes disappear unless I wear mascara. I love how mascara opens your eyes and the longer, darker, and fuller your lashes are, the better in my opinion. Hence I always have had an eyelash product fascination. From curlers to lash tints, I have wanted to try them all to achieve the lashes of my dreams.

More proof of my lash fascination: once, in High School I had my lashes dyed and it was nice because all I had to do was curl them and go. I imagine that’s what girls with dark lashes do everyday oh how nice it must be! In fact, my two older girls both have dark eyelashes…yes, I have Lash envy over my daughters! I have also tried every mascara in Sephora…literally! 

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When I heard about Lash Boost by Rodan & Fields I was more than curious. A serum that makes your lashes fuller, longer and darker looking…YOUR OWN LASHES!?! Sounded Like the product of my Dreams!!!

long eyelashes, lashes of my dreams, mascara, the best mascara

Here is my before and after. You can definitely see the difference in the length and fullness. Since I have been using Lash Boost, it does not matter what mascara I use, my lashes are lush and full! The lashes of my dreams! They are slightly darker but still hard to detect without a coat of mascara.

before lash boost, after lash boost, comparing photos, long lashes

How to: Each night, after you’ve cleaned and dried your skin-apply a thin strip on your lashline. You will start to see results in as little as a few days (I did, my lashes were literally touching my sunglass lenses after 1 month of use) but the best results happen when you have been using it for 8 weeks.

If you have not tried it, I highly recommend it. If you have been thinking about it, take the leap! NOW TO THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! ENTER to win a free bottle* ($150) when you fill out the solution tool here.  My friend Dre can help you out with all your skincare needs as well! 

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*Drawing only applicable for new R+F customers


4 Comments on How I achieved the lashes of my dreams!

  1. Filled out the tool and kind of interested in what the Sooth is, but like most women I’m even more interested in this Lash Boost stuff, I have horrible eyelashes partly from them not growing back like they should have after chemo!!

    I have actually filled out some R and F stuff before and almost made a purchase but then was faced with sticker shock and where my Husband and I were in life I couldn’t justify spending that much…..

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