Finding a new amazing product for my newborn, one that I can’t live without, is one of my favorite things to do. 

It seems like everytime I have a baby, I fall in love with different items that were not around for my previous babies. My girls are 4 years apart so I have about 4 years of product to catch up on each time I have a kid. Goumie Kids sent me the sweetest set to review and I am thrilled to do so because I have become literally obsessed with this company and want to scream about it from the roof tops! 


The set Goumie Kids sent me is called the Newborn bundleThe set comes with adjustable mitts & boots, and jamms – which is a sleep sack that converts to a gown.  If you are an expecting parent or need a gift for an expecting parent, this set does not disappoint. In fact, you will probably win the “best gift” award from whomever you give this too.  

Seriously, the quality, softness, and practicality of this little set is amazing. Piper has worn the mitts nearly every day since we have been home from the hospital. At her newborn photo shoot, I thought I had lost one and the panic that set in over not having them in our life was REAL ya’ll. The mittens, not only are adjustable but they have an option of switching the pattern to a black and white high contrast pattern that stimulates the newborns brain. The jamms are on a whole new level of newborn gown for me. They are insanely soft, made from an organic cotton blend that is breathable, naturally antimicrobial and environmentally sustainable. Second, they have a dual usage from a gown to a sleep sack in seconds, which is super helpful for those late night diaper changes!  There are so many cute patterns to choose from, I choose the aqua geo because it is a good option for unisex, since Piper was a baby surprise. 


Goumi Kids offers free shipping over $40 and if you use code “WELCOME10” you will receive 10% off your first purchase. Seriously, whether you buy the bundle, just the mittens, or booties on their own, you will be SO happy you did and you will most likely go back for more!* My next purchase for Piper will be the alls

*All of these opinions are my own but please honestly know I would not recommend a product that I do not back 100%! 

Thanks for reading and please pass this on to an expecting mama you know so we can spread the word about this brand! 



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  1. OMG I love how soft this is! It’s so convenient and easy to access when we need to change diaper . Thanks for the recommendation Nicole … I’ll be getting one for everyday of the week!

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