Friday Favorites – the best self tanner, for reals.

Hi All!

This Friday Favorites features the best self tanner which is my absolute favorite way to self tan, tan towels.
It feels weird to write this for others to read but I have no problem sharing this with friends in conversations, so let’s just assume we are all friends right now. Here goes; I like myself better when I am tan.

As cheesy and vain sounds, it’s the truth! I prefer my sun kissed freckled skin to my pasty white winter skin. D.C has had some unusually frigid weather for the past two weeks and I thought I would share how I remain tan-ish during these cold times. I use Tan Towels as my preferred self tanner. They are so easy to use and the color comes out amazing and perfectly sun-kissed. I use them: before a shoot for the blog, when I am going on vacation (especially one that requires a swimsuit), or if I feel I need more color in general. When tan: My lipstick looks brighter. My clothes pop more. My hair looks lighter….ya know, all the things are right when I am tan.


How to use the best self tanner with no streaks (helps to have assistance for your back)

  1. Start with clean and dry skin.
  2. Unwrap the towel and apply it in circular motions on each part of your body, I start with my legs (see tip #3)– then arms, then front upper body, then back and what is left I use on my face. (It helps to stay a bit focused when doing this so you don’t have areas on your body that you missed which leads to streaks)
  3. Rub lightly over knees, elbows, and ankles as these areas seem to hold color really well and end up looking darker than the rest of your body.
  4. Run to the bathroom and scrub the inside of your hands…literally scrub to get the color off so you do not have oomph loompa hands.

It usually takes a couple of hours for the color to show up and it is best if you do not put on tight clothing, like jeans or yoga wear immediately after. Let the towels work their magic on your skin without rubbing off before the color has set. If you want your color to remain on you for longer than a few days, take short, cool showers and pat dry – apply moisturizer as usual!

Seriously these towels are so seamless and easy to use when it comes to self tanner! And they last! Im including both kinds I keep stocked. The full body applications and the half body applications. Because sometimes I just need darker legs, or sometimes I need my entire body tan. It all depends on my mood/outfit I am wearing!

Thanks for reading lovelies!