I am beyond excited to meet my baby surprise in a few weeks.

I want to see and hold him or her and my girls are anxious to feed their new sibling, they have been practicing with their dolls all summer long. Needless to say, our house, cannot wait for baby surprises arrival. While we wait, we are getting ready. If this is a girl – we have all we need…literally MORE than we need in fact. But if this is a boy, we will need to purchase bedding, finish the nursery with a few pieces, and buy some clothes within a few days of the babies arrival. Being that this is my third baby, I feel kinda like a pro at feedings. Though I had many feeding ups and downs with both my girls when they were babies and I am not sure how the feedings will go with this baby but I am a breast feeding AND a bottle feeding advocate. Yes, It is possible to be both! And I am All. About. Both. 

I feel it is important for my husband to bond with our babies and feeding them is such a great way for this to happen. In addition to my husband feeding our baby, I want my daughters to be able to feed this baby.  Not to mention the babies grandparents, other family members, and the occasional sitter as well. Taking all of these things into consideration, when looking for a bottle for my babies, these are the things I search for:

–The number one important thing for me is that the bottle nipple emulates the breast – this is important so that the baby does not prefer one to the other. The transition from breast to bottle must be a smooth one.

–It MUST be BPA Free & Latex Free

–It Must have a Slow Flow – this is important for new babies because they need to be able to suck when feeding. They learn that sucking produces food (some babies get lazy if the flow is too fast and they can choke). Once older, they are able to have a medium flow or fast flow bottle. Also, the slow flow helps prevent Colic and Gas.

–The brand I am buying must be reputable. This was a no brainer for me with Chicco – as it has been around for over 50 + years and they pride themselves on being Baby Experts!

–Design, I am very visual and these bottles blew me away. I received the Newborn gift set which comes with 2 5 oz., 2 8 oz. bottles with two types of nipples – a slanted slow flow and a straight slow flow, to tailor it to your babies preference. They also come with an orthodontic pacifier with Soft – flex Silicone Nipple. And the pink vs. blue are both so cute, I will probably be using both, honestly. 

Sometimes I supplement with formula for my babies and give myself some freedom to be at Target for 3 hours (seriously you should try this – its so freeing) and other times I pump. Either way, I am excited to meet this baby and to both breast feed and bottle feed Him/Her.


Thank you so much for reading. Please know this review is my personal opinion of the product and I do not review or use items I don’t stand behind 100%. 






10 Comments on I am a Breast Feeding + Bottle Feeding Advocate

  1. I’m super excited to meet baby Raithel…counting the days!!! Both sisters will be very good little helpers with baby Raithel. Having the chance to feed baby a bottle, will make them so excited to help as well as establishing closeness and love. Baby Raithel is so blessed to be welcomed by such a loving family.

  2. There’s just something extra special about those third babies! Ours just turned 3, LOL!! But he’ll always be the baby of the family! Great informative post! Thanks for sharing.

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