Anyone else find themselves in a rut this time of year? After the excitement of the holidays, these uneventful, dark and dreary days of winter seem to last forever. Spring cannot come soon enough in my eyes! Worst of all, spring clothing is starting to arrive in stores, and it’s teasing me while I sit here covered head to toe in layers wearing Uggs. (Ugggh!)  But instead of moping around in a funk for the next few weeks, I’m changing my outlook and finding the positives. Below I’m sharing five ways to shake the winter blues and think Spring…

1. Dress the part: We are officially in the doldrums of dressing! If your winter wardrobe is feeling tired, try punching it (and your mood!) up with some bright, spring-like colors. When I had my boutique, I would stock my store FULL of colorful sweaters this time of year, and my customers loved it. I figure it’s a simple equation: New Clothes + Happy Colors = Improved Mood 

Purple Sweater, Jeans, Necklace, Striped Tee, and White Booties

Here are some of my favorite, bright-colored pieces that are perfect to wear now. (Bonus! A lot of them are on sale!) These will definitely keep you going until the days turn warmer, longer, and brighter! 

 Starting with top left. Counter Clockwise – Bright Cropped Sweatshirt, Striped Cardigan, Blue Chenille, 
2. Fun in the sun: Even though the days are starting to get longer, it’s hard to shake those symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I love adding a Vitamin D supplement to my diet as well as finding creative ways to soak in some rays. During the week, I try to sit near windows or in a bright, sunlit room for at least 30-45 minutes. Same goes for the weekend, but I’ll switch up the activity from work to reading a book or doing a puzzle with my girls. If you can’t find direct light, I’ve read great reviews on light therapy lamps. I’ve linked a few herehere, and here!  

3. Sniff out spring: Our sense of smell can be very powerful when it comes to brain function and memory. Chances are you have a favorite memory tied directly to a particular scent. Let’s use that to our advantage! Try picking a signature scent for your home. These are the ones I use when the weather starts to warm up, here, and here.  Or an essential oil to improve your environment and boost your mood. In addition to improving your state of mind, an orange essential oil has notes to foster creativity while a peppermint essential oil can improve concentration and invigorate the mind.  This is one of my favorite essential oils and I love this diffuser

4. Plan it out: After a crazy holiday schedule, the months of January through March can feel a bit underwhelming. I love treating myself to a new planner, or journal. I use it to not only jot down activities and events for scheduling for the girls but also for myself and my business. And if my calendar is looking a little empty, the visual is a great reminder to get my girlfriends together for a fun night out! I also love reading books that are uplifting and remind me what is most important in life. Present over Perfect and Girl Wash Your Face are great uplifting books. 
5. Spill the tea: Besides all the health benefits, there’s something indulgent about brewing a hot cup of tea and curling up. Or even taking it to go and sipping as I run all my errands! Personally, I love the Medicine Ball from Starbucks, but don’t dare step inside the store with my girls…my order quickly triples with hot chocolates and bakery items! I recently found the recipe online and started making here at home. I love still getting to indulge while saving both time and my wallet! 


Keep Happy + Warm + Cozy, 







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