“THE SECRET” to Flattering WHITE DENIM + some other tips

Shopping for white denim is like bathing suit shopping. It is hard work and some avoid it altogether. We all know white denim is not near as flattering as dark denim unless you have super thin legs (in which case, I envy you). Here I have compiled a few tips from all my days of being a womens denim buyer! These tips will hopefully help to make the Flattering White Denim quest a bit easier for you.


Since owning a boutique, I have been working with premium denim representatives for 9 years now. They know EVERYTHING about selling premium denim. The designers themselves talk to these reps and the information trickles down, so, you can imagine all the reps know about fit, wash, looks, and feels of denim. These awesome reps have passed their knowledge to me and I am now sharing it with you! Plus I have literally dressed every body type there is and successfully found the right pair of Flattering White Jeans for them all! 

We almost immediately think skinny JEANS when it comes to buying ANY DENIM now because our brains have been programmed this way for so long. But I am thinking we should change our views on white denim. try new and fresh fits that accentuate your body. Below are the fresh fits of white Denim For SPring/Summer 2018 I am loving.

The Cropped Flair -A new trend which I am totally loving! They are flattering and a fresh take on a 1950’s style capri.

The Boyfriend Fit – whether they are distressed or clean in the front, this fit in white denim with a rolled hem is SO GOOD! I super love boyfriends with a heeled sandal. It gets me giddy just thinking about this look for spring.

Flare Leg – Another good and flattering fit for white denim is a flare leg. I have mentioned why flare legged denim is so good in a previous post of mine. My favorite pair of white jeans I own are flare (pictured below) and HERE. I also LOVE these. 

The skinny fit – These are a good fit, high rise, perfect weight, and feature a classic non-distressed look.

Skinny Distressed fit – these army favorite skinny pair, are a thick weight and suck me in!

Okay, after ALL that, \THE SECRET to shopping for flattering white denim…it is the weight of the denim. The thicker the material, the more flattering. The thicker the denim, the more bumps and lines are hidden. The thicker the denim the more lift, squeeze, and pull the denim can do for you. Premium denim brands show the weight of their denim under the description.The weight is not found under the large stores that carry a bunch of brands descriptions but only found on the denim brands website. Look for the weight under the features category. Also, look for 9.5 Oz. denim and above to find the most flattering fit. This was more difficult to explain than I thought, so please ask me any questions you might have in the comments section!

Now go and share this secret with everyone of your girlfriends and shop for some white denim!

Thanks for reading lovelies!