Wear your bump proud! They come in all shapes and sizes and that is a beautiful thing!  

If you have been pregnant before, you know that everyone loves a pregnant woman. From the longing stares you get from mommas who have passed that phase in life who now have older, grown children, to the women who have started that phase in life and cannot wait for it, to the men….I don’t quite know what they are thinking? If I am being positive, they are thinking it’s a beautiful thing that we women go through but I must say, some of them have their minds elsewhere! I went into home depot with my family the other day, and the stares from some MEN were making me so uncomfortable, that I had to go wait in the car…but I digress! This post is about embracing the bump, and the curves, and my fave fashion look for the preggers; the high-waisted skirt.

 I had been wanting to try those high waisted, bump-on-display skirts my whole pregnancy, but needed an occasion and thankfully one came up. I had to meet my husbands new employees at happy hour, so comfort and style was my goal …you know what else was a goal?  A drink, but ya know….soon enough. It was the most perfect fall day, 68 degrees so I could layer my two tops comfortably without sweating TO DEATH. So, winning! 

The striped top I am wearing underneath my chambray top is SO thin, SO soft, SO not maternity and SO stretchy, you need it! The chambray top I am wearing is maternity because I wanted one that would button over the bump and my usual size is SO far from closing that I really had no choice but to buy the top! This was a super good maternity purchase BTW. And the SKIRT! I mean, talk about adorable, with the faintest floral print and the side rushing, not to mention its comfortable! It comes in three colors; rust, navy, and this military green – which I can honestly never pass up because this color is so versatile. The choker lariat is Stella and Dot. I just threw on the superstars at the end, for comfort…because the extra 30 + lbs I am carrying around needs comfy shoes right now. 

What are some of your favorite maternity clothes trends? 



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