I have an obsessive personality. This is not a positive thing but I think it can assist YOU. As my reader because when I love an item, I really LOVE it and back it 110%! And sometimes all YOU NEED to decide on which item to buy is a GOOD review, right? That’s how I shop at least! Today, I am sharing with you my absolute FAVORITE pair of workout leggings! 

My Outfit: Similar Flannel for $23 (this one is old) /Tee ($9 ya’ll!)Leggings /Nike Shoes

I own and have tried many legging brands to workout in. And I pretty much wear the same bottom when I workout  for any class I am taking.  Whether it is a spin, barre, pilates, yoga, zumba, step, kickboxing, or weight lifting class, I am wearing leggings. When I first noticed Beyond Yoga, it was when the athleisure trend was first beginning (sigh) and it was a match made in heaven. I love the idea of putting together a look to go to the gym in and then run errands in and not look like the hottest of messes. And I always love throwing on a flannel over my look because 90’s grunge ya’ll!

Let me tell you why I love BEYOND YOGA SO much!

–They are breathable. I mean, they let heat escape and I don’t feel trapped in them like I do with some of my wunder unders and other brands…especially when I am doing a hot yoga class.

–The material is cozy and SO comfortable, while still hugging in all the right places.

–They offer a wide range of sizes, XS-XXL & maternity plus many colors!

–The company is philanthropic. They have a “Mom for Moms” program that helps moms across the country have healthy babies.

–They are designed in LA and made in the USA.

–They use real women and untouched photos for their models!

The Space Dye Collection below is my ultimate fave!

What is your favorite workout legging and why? Lets compare!
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3 Comments on My favorite workout leggings….hands down

  1. I will definitely like to try something new I am bored with my Nike pro compression tights I will be using the sneakers from Nike but definitely want to buy new leggings. the Options you have shown look pretty and very colorful too. I am actually bored by the looks of my Nike Tights.

    • Yes! I am totally obsessed with Beyond Yoga and their leggings are so comfortable! I literally change out of a pair I have worked out in and put on a clean pair to wear for the rest of the day 🙂

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