LeopardCoat3As a mom, I quickly learned I would need different parts to my wardrobe – “mom wear” and “work wear”. For my mom wear, I would say I take the laid-back west coast approach, a casual chic-ness, always choosing a fun tee with comfy bottoms and flats. My two requirements are: comfort and cotton. You will find me in mom wear,  85% of the time, 10% gym wear, which some would say is mom wear…however, I strongly disagree. When I have sweat in something, I refuse to wear it the rest of the day! Ewww! The other 5% of my wardrobe sadly is my favorite and largest part of my closet, though its worn the least, my work and date night wear. I would not say I am a practical shopper. My friend Jess always says I shop for the life I wish I had…which is SO true. I wish I had events night after night, so I could prance around in my latest jumpsuit or matching crop top and maxi skirt with my husband holding one hand and a cocktail in my other hand..

I am a buyer and have co-owned a boutique for many years. I get to go to New York to hand pick clothes for my customers, where I am surrounded by other buyers, designers, and vendors who adore fashion, know trends, forecasts, and styles for seasons to come. They ooze style and I thrive! So my work-wear is REALLY fun!


Just to be clear, I love the 85% of my life – where I get to sit on the floor to play blocks, run in the yard, draw with chalk on our driveway, cook mac’n cheese 3 times a week, clean dishes, do LOADS of laundry, bathe sweaty girls, and get lots of hugs.

The 5% of my wardrobe is my fave though….all DRY CLEAN ONLY!

What does most of your wardrobe consist of?

Thanks a ton for reading! I can’t wait to make some new friends 🙂 Nicole


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