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During the winter, I always struggle with ways to keep my kids active when it is so cold outside. They have A TON of energy that needs to be put to good use. I can only take new slime recipes and “the floor is lava” with all my blankets and pillows for so long before I’ve had enough! Thank goodness Tom Dolan’s 2nd Swim School opened up near us. 

With my family, I have learned that regular swim lessons are just the thing we need. Not only does it excite my girls, because they love the water, but it also is productive for them as it keeps their previous skills fresh from last summer and also teaches them new skills as well. As a former lifeguard and swim teacher, I have always felt very strongly about swim education for children. The water is fun but can also be dangerous. Luckily for us, Tom Dolan’s swim school is minutes away and opened up this month. The girls are so excited to start their lessons! 

Tom Dolan Swim, Olympic Gold Medalist, Tom Dolan Swim School Falls Church

Tom Dolan is an Olympic gold medalist that grew up in Arlington VA. He is a former world record holder. The swim curriculum at the Tom Dolan Swim School was developed by him to create the optimal swim school environment for kids AND grown-ups alike! The pool’s temperature is optimal, the depth is ideal, and the registration is super convenient. I can also bring Piper in her stroller to watch her sisters swim because there is plenty of room!

Register here and save 10% off through February 6th.

The new 2nd school is located:

6112-A Arlington Blvd,

Falls Church, VA


Hope to see you there!

PS-It was 40 degrees when I took this picture. My girls only had minimal goosebumps. 





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