It’s tough to be a mom, let alone a pulled together & stylish mom. Often, the time you spend getting ready is little to non-existent. Since someone’s always about to need you for a glass of milk or to build a block castle for the 19th time, knowing how to get ready fast can help your day feel a bit more organized.  Today I have taken the Tee Shirt and created five different looks for you to think about when your getting dressed each day. Whether you are a Stay at home mom, a work from home mom, or a mom that works outside the house, these looks can work for you.

My mom wardrobe is made of pieces stylish pieces I can be comfortable in while doing all the mom things. One of my repeated pieces is the basic Tee Shirt – which if you are into a capsule wardrobe, this is one of the main pieces.  I have so many tees in all shapes; boatneck, crewneck, v-neck, cropped, boxy, and fitted. Also, when looking for Tee Shirts, I look for quality. I love brands like Bobi (which is the Tee I am wearing) Splendid, Madewell, and Z-Supply. Tee’s are great because you can dress them up or down and everything in between. They are such a simple piece but so versitale, and they are washable (which when you have little ones this is all necessary). Watch the video to see what I mean…oh and don’t forget to let me know what you think!  This is my first official video for youtube you guys! I have a super talented friend who helped me complete this video. Go check out all her other projects here

If you take anything from this post, remember this: The T-shirt iS a simple piece but so versitale, washable, and all around necessary!

Here is listed the best quality, best fitting tees I have found as a Women’s Buyer & Wardrobe Stylist:

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Top(Left to right) Splendid Fitted Ribbed Tee (So soft and Flattering) / Z SUPPLY 3 PACK V NECKS

BOTTOM (Left to right) BOBI SLOUCHY BOYFRIEND TEE (the one I am wearing) / Whisper Cotton Crewneck

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1 Comment on How to Wear a Tee Shirt Five Ways

  1. Who would have thought the versatility of a white Tee Shirt!
    I love all your outfits and your mommy fashion advice!
    Vous etes incroyable!! You’re amazing!

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