…with skillful hands he lead them. Ps. 78:72

We had family pictures this past June. I had so much fun styling the looks for all of us. The girls are wearing Gap kids and  my kimono is here: https://www.chaserbrand.com/collections/jackets/products/printed-pom-pom-kimono-blue-mandalamy (it looks great over a bathing suit too). When I got these photos back, I was struck by an overwhelming desire to protect, lead, and help my daughters in every aspect of life. I think our photographer and friend Ally from Wishbox Therapy really captured their innocence, thus my feelings about them became overwhelming.


SO many times I look at my beautiful girls (they are the greatest gifts I have ever received) and I wonder how they will be when they are grown. Who they will become? Will they be kind? Will they still love me when they are big? Will they love God?


At times I forget how important my job as their mother really is. I try SO hard to be one they need, deserve, and want. To lead them the best way I know how. Some days I fail and then I graciously get to try again the next day. Raising my girls has been the hardest, most rewarding, best job I have ever been given.


This picture reminds me how much trust they have in me and it fills my heart with such joy. I am so thankful for these two blessings. And as they grow, I grow too, wiser, stronger, calmer.


Did you ever have an overwhelming moment like this with your children? I’d love to hear about it!



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