Dearest Lilah,

     Today is the last day that you will be my youngest. I will still call you my baby and lord knows you will still cry for mommy and come climbing into my bed during the early morning hours because you were cold, or you had to potty. Your preferred way to sleep is in between mommy and daddy.

     I know you will still throw tantrums when you don’t get your way. That you will be forever hard to say no to. So soon you will be my middle child. For 4 years and 3 months you have been my youngest, mommas Baby. I know I will still treat you as my baby. Still do all I can to keep you happy, because life is much easier that way. I will still worry over you more than life itself as you have always been the one to worry over. From first being diagnosed with cholic to your chronic ear infections that led to tubes to the time you had two strains of HFM less than 1 month apart(seriously I wanted to die then) you my youngest have had more intense moments than your sister. I would never call you my “easy” child which has caused me to coddle you more. I have had many sleepless nights worrying over your well being. And now I sit here worrying over you becoming my middle child.

     Please know, no matter what birth order you are-mommy will still love you more each day. Mommy will still kiss away your boo boos. Mommy will still rock you like a baby when you are sick and tired (until you no longer let me) because even though you will not be my youngest after today; you will always be my baby, I will always love you more than life itself, and I will always hold you in my heart. 



Love You SO, mommy


1 Comment on A letter to my youngest before becoming a Big Sister

  1. What an endearing message to Lilah… sweet and caring from her mama. I loved reading it.
    sending all good wishes to you and the new little baby. I know you are a very caring person and that
    baby will be so lucky to have your as a mother. We will be waiting to hear the good news. Love you

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