Chambray is everything. Since I can remember, denim has been my ultimate favorite thing to wear. First denim with lycra became a thing and I was like-thats it, I’M DONE! GIVE ME ALL THE DENIM! But then chambray was introduced and it is a buyers dream, check out my other chambray post here. Comfort and feel are big reasons why my customers shop with me and truth be told, it is what I base all my own personal clothing purchases on. It is soft, comfy, lightweight, and just all around good. Chambray does not replace my denim, but you will either catch me in one or the other everyday….somedays I wear both together. Yes I support the denim-on-denim trend.

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This particular dress is by Bella Dahl and this print is sold out but here is a similar, equally as cute one. I normally find my Bella Dahl pieces at Bloomingdales and I wait to buy them when they are on sale! Why is it so amazing? It is in the denim family! Lightweight, soft, washes well, and so very comfortable!!!

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Also, notice how I have mixed three different shades of blue and it all just fits? You can do this with any color. It is outside of the box thinking when it comes to getting dressed and that is how you start to define your own personal style.


Here is a fashion secret: Anthropologie carries Bella Dahl but calls it Cloth & Stone and it is a fraction of the price. You’re welcome. You didn’t hear it from me, my reps would be so mad at me! Oh and Chambray is Here to stay friends. It is an amazing material! 

Do you wear Chambray and love it as I do?


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