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Meme, is my sweet grandmother who I believe is an angel on earth. She is the sweetest, most kind and loving person I have ever met! I used to think she was an angel when I was younger and I still believe this. This verse has always reminded me of her ever since I can remember. “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it” Hebrews 13:22. This family recipe has been a secret that only recently was shared with me because Meme grew tired of baking so many cookies! She used to make these cookies for my father for christmas every year and then she started making them for my brother and I when we no longer lived at home. She would work on baking them for days because she would give each of us an entire batch, which ends up being between 4/5 dozen, depending on how small or large you make them. And we had no problem finishing off our own bags, trust me, they are addictingly delicious!

I love to bake and Meme wanted me to carry on this tradition with my girls. This happens to be a favorite in our house. We made them last week – devoured them in that week – and will be making them again next week, because Thanksgiving!!!!! 

*I do not even know the reason why you bake for 5 minutes with a knife holding the oven door cracked open and then 10 minutes with the door completely shut but what I do know is, these cookies have a moist and fluffly consistency which is lovely and I dont want to change that. 

Also – meme makes these without a mixer, but I cannot exist without my kitchen aid ! 

I wanted to share this recipe before thanksgiving, because they would make a great addition to thanksgiving desert for little ones who arent pumpkin pie fans. They would taste great as a cookie sandwhich with vanilla ice cream in the middle! Please let me know what you think! Share this recipe with your friends! If your a gourmet chef, I’ve always imagined some spices would be a nice addition to these cookies but I have no idea what flavors go together, and dont want to mess up a good thing! But if you are adventurous in the kitchen and you play with the flavors, send me a message telling me what you did so I can try it next time 🙂 

Happy Fall! And almost Thanksgiving! 







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