Quality time with my girls…so important!

I have learned just how important it is to sneak quality time in here and there.

I am specifically talking about quality time with my girls in this post but we all need quality time with our besties, our mom’s, our siblings, our husbands and all the people in our lives! Those blog posts will come at a later date!

Quality Time is hard to come by at this stage of life and that REALLY annoys me! I long for the time I used to have to give my eldest daughter, Grace. We used to play for hours and it was such fun! We would play dolls, blocks, puzzles, go to museums, swim, etc. Now, with our second and all Life demands, those few precious hours back then seem like a dream and way too hard to come by!

I am not a fan of life’s demands. Running a household takes up so much time, ugh and I am NOT good at it! Its not like I am just now figuring this out, I just wanted to share how hard it is to get in some real QT with my two girls and running the house is really cramping my style! On top of household stuff, we have play dates, doctor appointments, and after school activities. Then it’s dinner time, bath time, homework and bed! You know the drill ladies!

I have learned to sneek in quality time here and there-take that lifes demands! It is 30 minutes before bedtime, lets play hide and seek! Mommy needs exercise, lets have a dance party! We all need dinner, lets make it together! My absolute most favorite thing to do with my girls is to have a tea party with them. We normally have them in the afternoon after we pick up Grace from school. Sometimes we get in fancy dresses, wear hats and go all out. But other times we come as we are; but we never forget our British accent.

An afternoon tea party for me is perfect because the girls always need an afternoon snack anyways, so we make it fun! For our tea parties, I serve “tea”, which is usually lemonade or apple juice, and then “crumpets” which is always a fruit, treat(1 cookie), and or crackers(goldfish, pirates booty, etc). I have play tea sets and glass tea sets. I am in charge of the glass tea sets for obvious reasons! And these are the sets that I serve our afternoon teas on but I have frequently caught my girls having tea partys on their own and those are the SWEETEST moments!


My outfit Details: Top / Pants / Shoes  / Girls Dresses

My fave tea set / cake stand / Cookies from Wholefoods / Table and Chairs Set I like (mine was handed down from my parents!)


What are some of the ways you incorporate quality time in with your sweet family? Please share your ideas so we can all get in a bit more time with our minis!


Thanks for reading lovelies!!