Embroidered jacket + Professional Shopper Tip! Denim Part 2

Embroidery on denim is everywhere friends! The trend started on the runways last spring and this Spring it will be trickling town to the Mall stores and boutiques for normal people like me to purchase!

SHOP MY LOOKThe top Im wearing, on sale for $34.Similar Pants like mine here or here Long Tassle Necklace (so beautiful!) / Denim Jacket Shoes

IF you are going to buy my jacket – You can find it here. There is only xs left, but it is oversized and a size medium body would fit the xs and an xs body would fit the xs. Depending on what size you are, the jacket will either be more baggy or less loose!  And while we are on the subject of embroidered denim, Im totally planning to embroider a denim skirt of my own this year, because I love a little originality but I promise to give you a step by step on how I do it so you can totally copy me!

Professional Shopper Tip: If you look at winter sales right now, you can find a lot of the pieces on sale. If you notice – when trends come out, they take a while for most people to jump on board. So if you start to think ahead, you can score some major deals on trends people will be sporting in a few months! For instance, I had no idea my denim jacket was $350 full price! Yikes! I got it for a little over $100 with some Christmas money I had stashed aside for something that I had to have!

Also REALLY loving these few embroidered items I’ve scoured the internet for! All except the shoes….I feel MEH about them, but they fit in with all the others, and I know someone might like them!

Top Row: Denim Jacket $45! / Bag / Skirt

Middle Row: H&M Shorts $14.99! /  topshop jeans

Bottom Row: Shoes / / American Eagle top

Thanks for reading dolls and Obviously, you are picking up on my denim obsession. Its no joke – thats for sure!