The 5 Key Denim Styles for Your Wardrobe- Part 1

In my opinion a women needs 5 key denim styles to have a complete denim wardrobe.

This is what I share with my clients, and now I will share the same information with you!  I know everyone has different body types and preferences but these 5 fits will give you a well rounded denim wardrobe which you can build on in the future with trends or different washes of the fit and brand you like best.

  • The dark, slim skinny jean

This can also be a straight leg dark jean if you do not wear skinny jeans. These jeans should hug your booty, and thighs. They should have a slight stretch to them. They can be tucked into boots or worn as is. They should be a DARK wash and should be your go-to for Nights Out. This style looks best hemmed at the ankle.

Best Shoe: ANY

I like the Maria Hi-rise by Jbrand


  • The flare jean

Flare jeans are the most lengthening, and flattering on all body types. I honestly have never seen a figure they don’t look good on! They lengthen legs, especially when you have them hemmed with a heel. They hug in all the right places and actually make legs look smaller because typically the flare is wider than your leg, thus it appears your legs are shrinking! WIN WIN!

Best Shoe: heels. The taller the heel the longer your legs look!

These by Hudson are DREAMY!

  • The boyfriend fit jean

There are all types of boyfriend fits. There are the 2 sizes bigger than you normally wear saggy fit. The semi-fitted, semi-loose fit. There are cropped boyfriend fits and cuffed boyfriend fit. No matter what boyfriend fit you choose (I have always seen the in between fit to be the most flattering on all body types) make sure the material is comfortable.

Best Shoe: tennies or heels. I love to dress up my boyfriend jeans with a strappy sandal. Très Chic!

I love these from Nordstrom.

  • White denim (any fit will do)

Everyone needs them. You all have noticed how good they look with boots and sweaters right? NOT JUST FOR WARM WEATHER. If not just use the hashtag “whitedenim” on instagram and you will be inspirired! No matter what the fit, we all need a pair of white jeans. You pick what body style you like on your body the best, the buy them in WHITE! My favorite pair of white jeans are white flares and they are amazing! I will be expanding on the most flattering white jeans later this month!

These are my white faves by DL1961.

  • The cropped jean

Whether you have a boyfriend crop, or a fitted crop, a flared leg crop, or you roll your skinny jeans up to crop them, this fit is iconic. I always think of Jackie O in her cropped pedal pushers. You can wear any shoe with them!

Best Shoe: ANY

These are my fave crops and my customers faves too! I can sell them with my eyes closed.

What do you all think? What is your favorite fit? And Brand. I love talking denim!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my other parts to this denim series!