Cropped Sweater and How to Layer this Winter.

All hail the cropped sweater…Because sometimes an outfit calls for more than just a sweater on top. IT calls for LAYERING which will ultimately achieve the look you were hoping for! 

I love the cropped sweater because it has more styling options than a hip length sweater or a tunic sweater. The more of the layering piece you can see, the better in my opinion. Here I am showing you a cropped sweater with a fitted tank and a cropped sweater with a chambray button up (different from a starchy button up).


Layering adds an element of style to your look. Something about your look, when you get dressed everyday, needs to add an a element of surprise or a POP!  Below is the basic Layering process I share with my clients, hope it helps you too.

1) Make sure your first/base layer is lightweight and breathable – usually neutrals work best here but if you do a print a striped, leopard or floral print (all neutrals in my opinion) works great. I prefer cotton for all my base layering pieces because it breathes. 

2) Add your Sweater/Cardigan/Flannel here. Pop colors are super fun and can brighten the dreary, cold winter days and Im always on the hunt for a colorful sweater or cardi!

3) Add your overcoat or blazer next. Neutral is key but a tweed or small houndstooth can work too (if you keep all your layering pieces in the same color family).  I love an Olive Green over coat! Other neutral overcoat colors could be khaki, black, cream, navy and denim.

4)Lastly, add accessories. Scarves, earrings, necklaces, rings. 

Thats it! Once you practice it, it will become so easy for you, you won’t even think twice!

First Outfit Look


Navy Sweater or Here

Striped Tank or My favorite tanks


Fur Boots

Second Outfit Look

Lavender Sweater

Chambray Shirt or Here

White Jeans or Here


Ear Jackets I love or Here


Which is your favorite? And NEVER just throw on a sweater and call it a day! Layering is one of the best parts about cooler weather!

Happy layering and Stay Cozy,