Casual-ish New Years Eve Attire

I just adore New Years Eve. It’s not because because I’m always doing something crazy, most of my New Years have been spent safely indoors with good friends and our kids tucked in bed. It is not because I have had a “when Harry Met Sally” moment and a good friendship turns out to be true love, I have been married for 12 years to my college sweetie! It’s not because I love the ending of a year or the starting of a new one, ever since I have become I mom, I actually prefer to live in the past because the New Year brings older children and I would prefer them to stay small forever. The reason I adore New Years is because I love the attire.  It usually calls for something furry, glittery, sparkly, shimmering, or shining….and anytime I have an excuse to wear anything fancy, I AM IN!!

I choose to mix casual with dressy for this New Years look. I love an unusual pairing when Im getting dressed each day, it keeps things exciting and adds a personal touch to my look. This sweatshirt is actually a tunic and is longer than the skirt itself when not pouffed up, shop the actual sweatshirt here and I love this one and this one here. BTW-This look would work with any tee shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater with a dressy skirt, you just want to keep the color patterns similar if they are both printed. The skirt Im wearing is from last year, I apologize, but I also found this one here, and  here, and here that I loved. To complete my look, I threw my hair up in the messiest pony tail I could manage, added a statement necklace here or here, threw on some lipstick(this brand is my fave), heels I also enjoy these, grabbed my clutch or here and added coats and coats of this mascara ….which I am obsessed with and voilla…my casual-ish New Years look.

Dressier New Years look will be posted for more inspo if you need it, so check back ya’ll!

Merry merry!