I am so lucky to have grown up with a present, fun, and active mom!  She is the reason why I adore spending quality time with my daughters. I mean more than just coexisting in the same space as them; I mean quality time doing things they like to do! Getting down on my hands and knees to build blocks, completing puzzles, dressing dolls, making real pies and mud pies!  I know at some point they will not always want me around, so for now – while they still do I take advantage of their desire to spend time with me! And spending time with them is my ultimate favorite thing to do!

Which is why, when Smile Generation asked me to write about what truly makes me smile, I knew right away my girls are behind most of my smiles. They fill me with such joy that I cannot help but smile. 

Smile Generation is a company that understands how little time Mom’s have to devote the dreaded dentist research and worry about dental appointments. They connect you with local dentists and at an affordable price. They offer a wide-range of comprehensive dental care, from Pediatric Dentists to Oral Surgeons and all under one roof! Smile Generations goal is to make bookings and access to all your dental needs as smooth and ease-free as possible.  They make sure to work with each patient to ensure they work within your budget. Allowing you more time to do what makes you truly smile! 

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Learn more about Smile Generation here

What makes you smile? 

A big thank you to Smile Generation for sponsoring this post. As always, All opinions are 100% my own.

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