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With Spring officially here, let’s talk closets. With so many stressors in life, your wardrobe and closet space should not be one of them. If it is, this two part mini-series is just for you!

We know having a simplified life and organized closet means less spending on duplicate clothing, faster decision making in the morning, and more time for things that matter. But getting started can often feel intimidating, especially with the pressure of getting your best #MarieCondo life together.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve worked with dozens of clients to organize a variety of closet spaces. I’ve broken down my best closet cleaning and organization hacks into two short (and sweet!) posts to help you kick start (and actually finish!) the process.

So let’s get started! From here you will need:

  • 2-3 hours

  • A clean surface to spread all your clothes across (bed or floor usually);

  • And a vacuum & duster (this vacuum has changed my life as a dog mom)

Begin by taking everything out of your closet and laying it on your clean surface. This not only allows you to evaluate every item, but to also do a deep clean. Dust off the shelves and vacuum your closet space to create a blank slate.

Next, work on creating three (sometimes four) distinct piles of clothing by evaluating each piece one-by-one. Decide which pile is the best fit according to your current lifestyle.

  • Donate/recycle

  • Maybe

  • Return to closet

  • Alter/Tailor Pile

In today’s post we will focus on pile one:donate/recycle.No need for the goodbye hug with a thank you unless you’re REALLY feeling like Marie here. In that case, go for it 

Donate/recycle is for the following:

  • Old workwear: you have changed careers, or feel like pieces are outdated and aren’t being worn

  • Maternity clothes: you’re done with childbearing, not currently pregnant (Maternity pieces are best in storage containers until they are needed.) 

  • Clothes from high school or college: they are worn out, ill-fitting, or you can’t believe you ever wore it

  • Different size clothing: feel free to keep things that are your “5 lbs over or under” that fit you because we fluctuate and that is A-OK!

  • Old camp, college, or game day shirts: if you wear these on rare occasion for housework only keep 2-3

  • Items that look “tired“: are pilled, stretched/shrunken, or faded

Wardrobe Rescue tip! Are you stuck wondering whether or not to keep an item? Have you worn this piece in the past year? Is it a fit issue, can it be tailored? Do you like it enough to alter it to fit better? If so, create a (fourth) tailoring pile.  

Pieces that are in good condition should be donated, and I’ve partnered with Women Giving Back in a clothing drive! I genuinely adore this organization and their mission. When thinking about writing this post, I knew I wanted to help connect my local DMV readers with this amazing organization. Women Giving Back is dedicated to supporting women and children in crisis, and building their confidence and self-esteem by providing quality clothing at no cost. Below are the items they are looking for:
  • Women’s and children’s (infant to teens) causal, professional and formal apparel, like “new” shoes and accessories that are:
  • Freshly laundered
  • In style (<5 years old)
  • Odor free
  • In “ready-to-wear” condition
  • Medical scrubs
  • Maternity & Layette
  • Gently used bras
  • New underwear, hosiery and socks (with tags or unopened)
  • Unopened new toiletries and make-up
  • Purses, watches & jewelry

Please bring donations in recyclable boxes, bags, or on hangers. Separating children and adult clothes with labels is a huge help! Your donations reduce barriers that women and children face when trying to restart their lives. THANK YOU for participating and helping support this incredible cause!

For your items that are stained, tired, and/or worn out, consider a recycling program. Did you know the average person throws away 80 pounds of textiles a year?! With more environmental awareness, retail stores have created programs – especially for denim! – to help consumers thoughtfully dispose of old, non-wearable clothing. Madewell, Levis, and, & Other Stories are a few popular retailers that make the process super easy…no loose strings attached! I encourage you to consider alternative options before simply tossing clothing into your garbage can, especially if it means getting money back towards a future purchase!   
Check back on Monday, for part two of this mini-series! I’ll walk you step-by-step to putting all the pieces back together!

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