Ya know when you believe in a brand and you want to do everything to support it? That is called Brand Loyalty y’all and I am a loyal subject to Stella & Dot! Have you heard of them? They are a company that is one of the lead sales companies in unique and attainable jewelry, they are gorgeous, on trend jewelry designs by women, for women!

Not only do I love their product but I love the company. The women that work for Stella & Dot are called stylists and they are able to work from home when they want, and be in charge of their business, and they hold style parties that usually including wine…what a combo, shopping and wine! For so long, I only shopped Stella & Dot, supporting them through holding parties at my boutique for my customers. I would earn free jewels for myself and half off coupons. Many times, I would gift out my stella and dot jewelry because its so pretty, well made, and fun that I wanted to share it with others. The company treats their stylists to free trips once they have met certain goals, I was actually able to attend one of these trips with my Bestie as a + one. I paid for my part of the trip but she had earned the whole trip because of how much she sold. We went to Punta Cana you guys! It was so fun! Not only because I was with my best girl but ALL the women there were so NICE! And ADORABLE. And FUN! I was blown away by all the girls that I HAD to be-friend immediately.  I decided this past summer, to become a stylist y’all! I jumped on board! And I am ready to share the love with you!

If you notice, in almost every photo, I am wearing something S& D. The packages are shipped to you in the most adorable boxes, and there is so much that is perfect for gifting yourself and your friends. Look at the collage of fun pieces that I am wearing, all courtesy of Stella & Dot. All about the #girlboss in all of us! If you wanna learn more, message me below! I would love to share more with you! 

Checkout the whole line here! 

Stylishly yours, 


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