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I feel it is important to be confident and comfortable in the clothes you wear. Once one is confident in their look and comfortable in their clothes, positive energy will flow to all aspects of life. To that end, I’ve built a Wardrobe Styling business around helping clients feel and look their best and a process to accomplish that. I have been styling men and women for 10 years and I have always tailored my consulting to meet each individual need.


First I Take a peek at your closet to decide your current style, where you want to go with it, and what you need to add to it for a complete wardrobe.

Next we do a pairing exercise with your current items. This is when we start to Shop your closet. Usually my clients like for me to take pictures of a few ways to wear the same item, so they don’t forget. 

Finally, I shop for or give you a detailed list of what you need and where to buy certain pieces.


After being a buyer for all different styles shapes and sizes I can shop for you (trust me!) I will deliver the items to you and have a styling session in your living room. This can be tailored to what you need and will require an informal meeting or phone call to talk about your need. 

I can “coach shop” with clients who don’t mind shopping, this helps direct them and give them focus for future trips without me.


It is so hard to transition your wardrobe from Maternity to Mommy Dearest. You don’t fit into your pre-maternity clothes and you don’t want to only wear leggings and/or maternity pieces. You want to love your new body and all it has accomplished but you also want to seem pulled together! I can help! Together we will get you to where you can gain confidence in your new role and look like you have it together, (think more washable, less dry clean only!) As for the whole having it together part I cannot help with that but I can lament with you over it all!


Gather some of your closest friend and a few bottles of wine at your home and get your styling questions answered. I will share the first few steps of how to clean out your closet that will give you all the confidence to move forward with minimalizing your wardrobe and maximizing the wear out of what you have. In addition to that, I will bring a few key pieces that are the must-haves of the season which will be tailored to your friend’s lifestyles. And I will show you how to wear them and how to incorporate them into your current wardrobe


You have an organized, well put together closet but you need help finding the right outfit for an occasion or event. It could be for your honeymoon, a business trip, a family vacation, or a social event. Just a quick consultation and two weeks notice preferably. I will shop with you or for you to find the perfect ensemble for your event.

If you live in the Northern Virginia or Washington DC area and are looking for a refresh, contact me: Nicole@theleopardcoat.com for Prices and a tailored consulting that is just right for you! 




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