The three vows I made to myself for my third pregnancy

If you have been pregnant before, you have to agree that the weight gain is tough.

I mean, not only mentally but physically, its tough on your joints and muscles. The other day I was doing walking intervals on the treadmill, and I had to run for 1 minute every 5 minutes, 3 times. Well, I could barely lift my legs. I am not joking, it felt as if my feet were 50 pounds each and my muscles just did not want to work with me. Right now as it is, I can barely stand comfortably for longer than an hour. I have heard that with each pregnancy, it becomes harder and harder for your body to physically go through all the changes….and not to mention I am 8 years older this time around, between when I had my first to now.

With this third pregnancy, since my husband and I are saying it is our last, I vowed a three things to myself; number one: I would rock a bikini at the pool and beach – stretch marks, love handles, and all. I have never been fully confident to do this when pregnant before. Number two: I would wear bodycon styles all day long. Literally, this is the only time in my life where I have curves and I wanted to embrace them and show them off, because curves are feminine and so fun to have, especially when your built like a board normally! And Number three: I would happily accept the weight gain! Ha! So I have done two of the three things but the weight gain has been super hard for me to embrace. Im quite sure social media is the culprit. Never for my other pregnancies have I documented so many photos of myself to see or notice the difference in my shape, face, limbs, etc. But this time around, since I started my blog last fall, I have all these photos documenting myself, which has aided in my self consciousness because I can definitely see the weight with each photo that I post. So, I have 13 weeks left in this pregnant state and from here on out, I decided I will be happily accepting the gain. Especially now that I publically put it out there! Please hold me to it!    

About my look: I found this bodycon dress so cute and when it arrived I was SO pleasantly surprised by the feel of it too. I mean, it is SO soft. I want to live in it. The l front neckline and the racerback part are also super flattering because they cut in at the arms. It has these two high slits on either side that I love. This is also available in non maternity and navy, ALL are linked. The dress is lined so it hides panty lines quite well! As for my accessories, this choker is a new obsession by Stella and Dot. You can shop it here. It is silver, which I am not usually drawn too but I loved the silver mixed with the tan leather straps. It can be worn as a necklace or choker, I love the versatility! These shoes and purse are from last year, but I am linking similar accessories! And these aviators are Gucci knock offs and not $600! They are $20, You can find them here and with the code ‘Nicole20’ they are an extra 20% off!