Moms have needs too!

Hey Moms-I know how easy it is to walk right past the women’s clothing section and go straight to the kids section at target, old navy, Nordstrom, and so on. I know little people are so much easier to shop for. They need jeans and school supplies, a backpack and tennis shoes, the list is never ending… but moms have needs too! And with a little help, it’s actually possible to find pieces that work for the lifestyle of a busy mom. You deserve new jeans that move with you the entire day but don’t stretch out or squeeze you too hard AND make your butt look great. You deserve cute shoes that are comfortable to walk the entire grocery store at least two times and to be on your feet the entire day until bedtime, when you finally get to put your feet up and take the shoes off. You deserve shirts that make you look pulled together AND are washable, comfortable, and soft at the same time.

I’m nicole from and I have been dressing women for over half of my life. It is a complete passion of mine. I previously owned a womens clothing boutique for 8 years. I love helping women find confidence in themselves. I have 2 girls with a babe on the way. I am a momma who looks pulled together on the outside but is a hot mess on the inside. My life is unorganized, chaotic, overwhelmed, stressed, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it by looking at me. My kids are my everything and I’ve embraced the chaos of our life, but taking a few minutes in the morning to pull myself together helps me take on the day with a little more confidence. Don’t get me wrong, I still have those days where I literally cannot take off my yoga pants (I sleep in them and then I mom so hard in them) but more often than not, I make the time to pull myself together and face the day with a little more confidence. With the right pieces, it’s honestly doable in under 10 minutes. Comfort is key so what I wear is as comfortable as my workout clothes, but with much more style. And for me, amidst the chaos of life, that effort makes my day a little brighter, makes me feel more confident, sets a good example for my children and reminds my husband of the woman he choose13 years ago.

Tops – comfortable and casual is key here. 

Jeans- if you have never invested in a pair of jeans but have been meaning to, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the time to do so. Premium denim makes all the difference in the world ladies. I have bought and sold so many pairs of the brands and styles represented here that I know they are a winning Mom jean. PROMISE! 

Comfortable shoes + a winning accessory

Makeup – 6 easy steps.  



If you feel guilty allowing yourself to shop for these things and giving yourself 5-10 minutes each morning to put yourself together on the outside-Think on this- you want your daughters to take care of themselves when they are mothers, right? You want your son(s) to find a woman that pulls herself together before conquering the world each day, no?  Oh and you want your significant other to be reminded of the days when your younger self took the time to be presentable each day when you were dating, don’t you? See…you have needs too, mom, and they need to be met so you can be your best self for your family!

When you Look confident on the outside, you start to feel it on the inside!

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