Bull Run Winery + my own bottle of Rosé

If you are like me, and you like to enjoy a social drink or two, and you have been pregnant before – you know that during this time, social drinking is not permitted, socially acceptable, and/or encouraged. Being that this is my 3rd and final pregnancy, I have come to terms with the world not stopping while I am pregnant. But I would be lying if I did not say the LACK of happy hours, wine tastings, and cinco de mayo parties on my calendar is very saddening. So when I was recently invited to a bloggers event hosted by Bull Run Winery with a bunch of super fun girls I have recently connected with on Instagram, I was ALL about it!

If you are from the D.C. Maryland or Virginia area, you know that Virginia has many MANY awesome wineries. Bull Run Winery is currently at the TOP of my favorites for a few reasons: it is the closest winery to me, the wines are delicious, and the grounds are breathtaking. I had only been to a winery once before having kids. But I can really appreciate the one’s, like Bull Run Winery, who have family sections now that I am a parent. We go to winereries with a few friends, who also bring their children, and we enjoy the day together. For my girls I bring snacks, coloring books, markers, our iPad and a blanket. My girls run around, with each other and their friends and have a blast– all while we can adult with our friends.

Bull Run’s grounds are absolutely breathtaking. And if you are lucky enough to go when the weather is just perfect, as it was for me a few weeks back, it is the perfect reason to enjoy the beauty of nature whilst sipping a glass or few bottles.  Honestly, if I could marry my husband again, I would get married at Bull Run Winery! However, I am HAPPILY married, so in my current state, I think it would be a great place for a Couples Baby Shower! Everyone likes wine, right?! I am so sure everyone would RSVP yes at our couples shower!

My girls and I – check them all out here-Kristen at Swann Street Style, Courtney at Currently Courtney, Katie at Pushing Paper, Laura at Mom in Manolos, and Christina at Scopes were lucky enough to try the newest bottle of Rosé that they are launching today, Friday, April 28th! It was seriously so delicious. They have a tasting this Friday, from 7-9. YOU NEED TO GO (if not tonight, this weekend FOR SURE)!

Please don’t worry about me, I had 3 sips of the delicious Rosé but bought a bottle to include in my hospital bag that I will promptly open and enjoy once I have baby 3! Until then, do you need me to be your DD….