All of Pipers photos from the week before we first met to the first week she came home have vanished. No one knows this, in fact I have not said it outloud because I keep hoping I will find them…I had to get a new phone a few weeks after she was born and the photos were never recovered….possibly they are hanging out in the cloud (whatever that means) and they will make an appearance one day, though I know, they were never backed up – therefore- they are gone.  I keep thinking about the precious ones that I am missing – like my last pregnant belly shot the night before I was scheduled to go to the hospital, when we first discovered she was a girl, all her precious photos when she is being weighed and measured, when my husband is first holding her, to when the three of us were leaving the hospital together. All those memories will slowly fade with time because I don’t have the images to remember them by.  I can’t help but think God knew this was going to happen and my friend Ally, a talented Newborn Photographer, stepped in.  She made time for me, when she was on maternity leave herself, to document these precious gorgeous beautiful Newborn moments with Piper, that I didn’t know how much I would need down the road. Piper was 7 days old here and her sisters were enamored. Please enjoy. 

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Ally and I met many years ago while working together in DC for a startup magazine and we recently reconnected when I moved back into the area. She has this calming presence about her (which is perfect for those stressed out family photo times). Her photography talent back then was awesome but it is truly amazing now. Her business is called Wishbox Photography. She has an eye for simple beauty and hand edits each and every photo which is no easy feat! Her studio is set up in her home with all her props, backdrops, and lighting. It was a seamless experience going to her home for the session as opposed to having it done at my place – which normally looks like a bomb explosion of homework, laundry, diapers, dog hair, and toys

I will never tire of watching an inspired person work. Seeing someone’s passion shine is such an amazing thing to see. If you live in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area, you should book my friend for your newborn or family photo session because her work is awe-inspiring! 

Thanks for reading! 

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