Whats the deal with Nordstrom and Bloggers? I have been asked this question SO many times. Being a self proclaimed professional shopper (truth), I have been shopping at Nordstrom since I was old enough to drive the hour and a half long trip from my parents house at 17 years old on my own. Nordstroms selection is huge. I love it for all of my family but I only purchase from Nordstrom when things are on sale! The anniversary sale is like Christmas in July. Most things are 40% y’all! Thats so close to 50% I could nearly faint! 

Now that I am a blogger (also self proclaimed title) I am able to monetize my sales with an affiliate program called LikeToKnow.It – which allows bloggers to make a small commission when a reader shops from their links they post! Its a pretty cool concept, and during the #NSale, our commission we receive is slightly higher than usual! So we BLAST our readers! AND There it is!  If you are one of the lovely people who has ever shopped from one of my links, thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is the main way I am earning a small income for my family right now and I am so thankful to you for that (e-hug). 

Here are The Items that I want and why. I am not going to be able to buy them all…so Please help me narrow them down!? What are your thoughts? each item is clickable and it will take you to the Page where it is on sale, OR you can shop them by the links I am providing below. 

  1. Denim Dress – I will never have enough denim dresses. And its by my fave denim designer AG. 
  2. Grey Leather Purse – Love the Color and Size. 
  3. T-Shirt Wrap Dress – Its under $40 and its flattering and great for date night! 
  4. Black Sock Booties – Because I sold my old Sam Edelman pair on Poshmark Last Winter and I need to replace them with a more modern pair. 
  5. Super Woman Tee – Because truly, I have never felt more POWERful and accomplished than I have this summer when I have 3 kids at home with me all day and I survive! 
  6. Pink Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt – This needs no explanation but if you must know. I can mom in this all day long and remain cute and cozy! 
  7. Plaid Flannel Top – I wear these on repeat when its cool. Either around my waist, opened with a tee underneath or as is with a front tuck and jeans. This one comes in a lot of colors and is SO soft. 
  8. Fancy Pink Flats – These are perfectly 80’s with a modern twist and the color stole my heart from the start. I would wear these with jeans and dresses with tights. 
  9. Black Raw Hem Jeans – I do not need any regular colored jeans but I do need black jeans without distressing. Which is all I own right now. These are soft, high waisted, and have a slight stretch to them. 
  10. Cloud Nine Drape Jacket –  So perfect, AND washable. I just have to decide which color I want?
  11. Leopard Print Sweater – This won’t be my first leopard print sweater and I am sure it won’t be my last. This is the softest one I will own though, so its necessary! 

To all of you who don’t shop at Nordstrom, Its not the end all be all…thats Amazon

Look out for my second post for the Nordstrom Sale,  coming next week!

Thanks for reading, 


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