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Being a product junkie, like myself, I have found so many products that I love at Sephora! Each time I walk into the store I become entranced by the smells and color palettes surrounding me! I could literally spend hours playing with makeup, products, brushes and talking with the Sales/Makeup Artists, who are always so knowledgeable! I thought I would share The products that are in my daily rotation from Sephora because THEY ARE ALL ON SALE through September 3rd if your a Beauty Insider (free to sign up here)!!!!

 From Top Right to left

Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh – I have been using this for years. This balm is part of my daily routine, I have about 5 tubes stashed in my different purses and diaper bags. My favorite colors are, Coral, Poppy and Berry. When applying, It feels like a super smooth chapstick and the colors are gorgeous, slightly deeper than a tint. I adore the texture, packaging, and are super moisturizing because my lips are always thirsty!  AND MAJOR BONUS, They all have SPF 15. 

Blonde Ale Shampoo by Drybar – A Purple shampoo that clarifies, strengthens and brightens blonde while removing impurities that might strip or change the color of your hair. Works great on Grey and White hair as well. 

T.L.C. Sukari Baby Facial by Drunk Elephant – I use this mask once a week; a miracle mask to say the least. It evens and brightens my skin tone, while keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay (hello 30’s – ugh) Also it gets amazing reviews, like 130k of them! I love products that speak for themselves.

Blonde Ale Conditioner By DryBar – If you have blonde hair, you know it is a struggle to keep the blonde tones looking light, bright and pretty. This conditioner is so good because it leaves my locks super moisturized + it keeps the tones in place. 

Matte Cream Lip Crayon by Bite Beauty – I have loved this lipstick for a few years. I love the matte texture, it is not drying. The color stays put! Their are so many vibrant pigmented shades to choose from. These are my faves here – Pastille, Tatin , Aubergine, and Amaretto

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel – Okay – I have a story here. I read that I should not use these while I was pregnant and breastfeeding – so I did not use this peel for a year and a half but before hand, I had been using for the past 4 years. I went in for a brow wax and asked the aesthetician about my scaly and super dull skin. She said, you just need a peel. I proceed to drive to Sephora and ask them about these pads and whether or not I could use them. They always made such a difference when I used them prior to my pregnancy. The Sales lady told me they are safe for pregnancy – come to find out. Just make sure to use daily sunscreen because they do leave your skin sensitive but now I can actually tell when I don’t use these pads. I use them 3 times a week but I use the Baby Facial when I don’t use a pad! So ladies! Highly recommend this one too.  

From Top right to left. 

Oleplex Hair Perfector no. 3 – This is a leave in product I use for my Blonde between my Color Appointments. I use this 1 x a week and it strengthens my hair, keeps the color bright, and makes it feel so soft. 

Clean Skin Perfume – Since I have become a mom, I am so sensitive to smells. Especially strong perfume, cologne, and cleaning products. Its like my nostrils burn around strong smells. When I received a sample of this product, I became smitten. It does not burn my nose, it gets the Sephora “Clean” stamp of approval.  And the smell is so fresh, and light. I just love it! 

Long Wear Cream Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown – I use this every day, check out my post where I talk about it in my Mommy makeup routine. These are my favorite colors. I love this product in the shimmer colors because they lighten the eye area and go on super smooth! My two go to colors are Sand Dune, and Golden Pink

They’re Real Mascara by Benefit – This is my go to for Date night or a night out. This mascara is amazing and easily takes my eyes from Day to night in one swipe. It opens my eyes, lengthens and darkens my lashes all at once! 

What are your faves at Sephora? I could have easily added a few more but I did not want to overwhelm you all! 

Thanks so much for reading! 


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