I suffered from postpartum after my third daughter was born, and my girlfriends were a BIG, HUGE, LARGE part of my healing process. Simply put: my postpartum cure was a group of girl friends. Of course, a few other things like supplements (for mood, stress, and energy support) and working out (to give me endorphins to lift my mood) were necessary, too. But can I just state: Women fill me! I love US! I love that we are all so different and unique in our own ways. And that we all have special talents or dreams that are individual to us!

When I met Lisa (check out her amazing photography skills) I was excited to learn that her passion aligned so closely to mine: to lift and highlight women’s beauty & friendships. She is a momma after my own heart! When she asked if I would like to work together, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. 

Lisa and I pulled off a last minute photo shoot with a group of local moms, who were such a dream team to work with. We teamed up to bring our best talents to the table to create some amazing content. It was such an honor to style these amazing women. (And in all honesty, it was a breeze, because they already had amazing style on their own!) Lisa did such a beautiful job capturing each woman and making her feel like a natural in front of the camera.

Ever Eve,  Mom Friends,

Lisa had a brilliant idea to style the Ugly Christmas Sweater in a not so “ugly” way… Let it be noted, that I absolutely hate the idea of making yourself look “ugly” for fun. But I got over it pretty quick, because Lisa is a genius and the idea totally came together in the best way possible! Afterwards, we had some extra fun as I styled great looks for Christmas parties or New Years Eve soireès.

The whole experience of collaborating with talented women to create something so (unexpectedly) amazing is a moment I will never forget! I learned our amazing three moms are best friends, and have gone through life together. They vacation together. Spend holidays together. And enjoy taking time out of their busy lives to recharge with one another. Life is exhausting yall, and finding core friends that understand you and can help you through the hard times is one of life’s greatest gifts!

Working with these amazing moms, reminded me of how much I cherish my girl friends. And how they were there during some of my darkest days. It reminded me that women are not supposed to do it all on their own, we should and need to lean on the other women in our life to help us get through. I love that women can connect with each other on deeper and more emotional ways than men. I love that women friendships are a fierce and strong force to reckon with. Spending time with Lisa and the other moms made realize that’s the type of energy I want to show up to 2020 with. Strong, fierce, female vibes. And that I want to help and inspire other women to feel that way, too. 

Wishing you all a happy (and well styled!) holiday season!  

2 Comments on Women Fill Me, Lets Celebrate That!

  1. Nicole,
    I love this article. All of you ladies are gorgeous. And it looked like ya’ll had lots of fun!
    Great job!
    I’m looking forward to your next photoshoot.
    New year….new possibilities

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